Hello everyone,

We really appreciate your continuous support towards WatchDOGE and bringing us towards 2000 users registered! Lets continue and work towards 5000! In our newsletter email, you should all receive a limited use coupon code which can be redeemed instantly for free, make sure to use that as well. 
Our host today has unfortunately suffered some issues and we were affected as well we hope that our hosting has now fixed their issue and back to normal. There was also a major bug today that has caused issues when users try to register, we have now fixed that and it is all functional, again sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Since our last update, we have worked hard and have brought you updates and more features, listed here:
- Added scratch tickets game
- Added daily challenge for shortlinks 
- Site optimization
- More shortlinks added

Also, by request of many users interested to compete in the referral contest, we have removed ourselves from the leaderboard so everyone else is easier to compete and win the top 1 prize, as of the time of writing this news update, top 1 only has 23 referrals, which can be easily beaten! Make sure to compete against each other and win the top prize of 12,000 Coins!

Those are all the updates and news for now, we continue to work our best to bring the best experience you can experience on WatchDOGE, thank you for all the support.

Kind regards,
WatchDOGE Admin

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