It's not a Game, It's a Crypto Faucet

What's WatchDOGE.xyz?

WatchDOGE.xyz is a Crypto Faucet just like others

WatchDOGE.xyz is a new Crypto faucet among the Faucet universe, we aim for User Experience and User Earning, This faucet created, Maintained and Funded by GameWatch21

What are you waiting for? Join us now and Start Earning!

Our Features

We have our own Features that make you need to earn on our faucet

Manual Faucet

Claim 0.0003 USD every 2 minutes.!

Shortlink Walls

Earn USD by finishing Shortlinks

PTC (Paid To Click)

Visit other website and get paid to click


Complete Achievement everyday and earn rewards


Fill survey, Watch Video and etc to earn extra USD

Auto Faucet

Open the window and let your pc idling while earning USD

Dice Game

Try your luck with our Dice Game and double your earning


Level up your level to be the king of mountain


Participate on our leaderboard and make sure you are the winner for every week


Users Registered


USD Earned




Days online

Lotto Prize Pot

Payment Methods and Currency we Support

Dogecoin - Faucetpay


Beyondcoin - Direct Wallet


Dogecoin - ExpressCrypto


Banano - Direct Wallet


Dogecoin - CedsonHub


Tron - FaucetPay


LDOGE - Direct Wallet

Payment Proofs
# Username Address Amount
5432mutlukskDAiNpSupqNAgq97dH8ctdZbX32z8CxGr1r0.120535 USD
5431potterindraD8GPxhJ3U485wtLxeK2SfgqYejcwqvYrhA0.05268 USD
5430Fahriye67DQ6yPmiEVsB48iPcuLgww3qBm9ZYY3Ahn30.0006 USD
5429SusiloTZDM3YTSASQa9ansB1UMEYdRfCuE8ui1KA0.01885 USD
5428Fahriye67DQ6yPmiEVsB48iPcuLgww3qBm9ZYY3Ahn30.0005 USD
5427Arnis87DMjdUqHjuDjTdkkxjquLsZtLgH4Erf1J1X0.007 USD
5426Fahriye67DQ6yPmiEVsB48iPcuLgww3qBm9ZYY3Ahn30.0006 USD
5425gepavlikDBcBz662P6g4ecSE6YeW3bytHDH1VJCuj50.127339 USD
5424Fahriye67DQ6yPmiEVsB48iPcuLgww3qBm9ZYY3Ahn30.00215 USD
5423Fahriye67DQ6yPmiEVsB48iPcuLgww3qBm9ZYY3Ahn30.0017 USD
5422IKI14TSN7Pibt1t118jJeMc687TWxoX65mzNsWi0.015355 USD
5421digimark83[email protected]0.02345 USD
5420Irawanbenny15DBfNBXZXX5ujAvdLPD53gABjvKeg93Jxys0.0018 USD
5419Irawanbenny15DBfNBXZXX5ujAvdLPD53gABjvKeg93Jxys0.0015 USD
5418potterindraD8GPxhJ3U485wtLxeK2SfgqYejcwqvYrhA0.0015 USD
5417babatD9ejkPgHeFURdU7BcccgrEiyrpHmffRE960.0003 USD
5416potterindraD8GPxhJ3U485wtLxeK2SfgqYejcwqvYrhA0.00304 USD
5415SulhanD6Sbpv1aQzbeoe9vEy5xPexMkTqfcPXzox0.011295 USD
5414shalinDT8M4Y1ZsG33rTPfsNYVFDSojhpovdLe160.001505 USD
5413shalinDT8M4Y1ZsG33rTPfsNYVFDSojhpovdLe160.00301 USD


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! WatchDOGE reward our users from Advertisement Revenue not just that, WatchDOGE also give away their crypto so Crytpo Newbies will get introduced better

WatchDOGE.xyz open and begin operating at December, 21th 2020 - Now

Yes! Our payment to FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto is Instant! But for direct wallet it will be processed under 24h

The minimum withdrawal at WatchDOGE.xyz is 0.0001 USD! It's easy to reach the minimum withdrawal in 10 minutes!

Yes, it's a must to have a reffersl system on crypto faucet, we pay our users 15% commision from their refferals!

Send to our email at [email protected] and we will take a look at your email soon, Anything you want to report, if it about deposit or withdrawal or bug or error we accept anything that related to our faucet


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